Do you see CE as a career burden or a career booster?

6 March 2018 – News

  • Don’t just opt for CE that is local, cheap or free. Take a strategic approach. Consider the bigger picture and come up with a plan that aligns with your goals, interests and ambitions.
  • Track your progress and set realistic milestones for attaining additional skills.
  • When selecting the course or mode of training that will work best for you, talk to your colleagues and peers for insights based on their experience of CE. Quiz the CE providers on every aspect of the program.
  • Don’t try to do it all alone. Ask a colleague in your practice to be your mentor – someone you can turn to for advice or support if you are struggling with the program.
  • Ensure your CE provider will give you the back up and support you need to put your learning in to practice once the training has finished.
  • Befriend your course-mates – they will probably be having the same thoughts and experiences as you!