Laser Therapy in Pets

Laser therapy (LT), also known as cold laser therapy or low-level laser therapy, is an increasingly popular modality and a useful complement to physical therapy protocols. The energy of the laser light interacts with cells and tissues and this leads to … Read More>>

Diet and physiotherapy in post-surgery recovery

The authors of this study set out to measure the effects of a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acid and of physical rehabilitation on the onset of osteoarthritis (OA) in dogs which suffered from cranial cruciate ligament disease (CCL). 48 dogs with unilatera … Read More>>

Therapeutic exercises in cats

While cats may not seem the most likely candidates for therapeutic exercise (TE), it is possible to create treatment plans that can benefit most patients. TE aims to increase the range of motion in joints, improve muscle strength and limb use, as well … Read More>>

Electrical stimulation in pets

Electrical stimulation is an attractive option for veterinary physical therapy as it’s a cost-effective way to support recovery following injury or surgery.  It can be used to: not only to control pain improve the range of motion in damaged joints, red … Read More>>

Characterization of ocular melanosis in dogs

Cairn Terriers can suffer from a hereditary form of bilateral ocular melanosis (OM). It causes the accumulation of large and darkly pigmented melanocytes in the anterior uvea which may damage ocular structures. The progression of this pathology is slow … Read More>>

Surgery of corneal ulcers

Corneal ulcers are commonly found in cats suffering with feline herpesvirus infection with medical therapy is often indicated.  Because of the delicate anatomy of the cornea and the complexity of the surgery, the decision between medical and surgical t … Read More>>

Color Vision in Chinchillas

Chinchillas are nocturnal and had been thought of as animals with a pure rod retina – but new research has shown that this is not true. Few animals have no cones at all in their retinas and, aside from some species of deep-sea fish and nocturnal reptil … Read More>>

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